Change Your Money Mindset

Build A Life of Wealth & Abundance

Change Your Money Mindset

Build A Life of Wealth & Abundance

In 6 weeks Transform
The Way You Think, Earn, Save, Circulate Money.

6 Week Masterclass

Road to Riches Immersion Course

6 weeks

60+ Lessons

Videos • Worksheets  

Road To Riches Road Map

Week 1

Transform Your Money Mindset

  •  Build the framework for creating your life full of wealth and abundance. 
  • Get crystal clear on what you want and your financial goals. 
  • Begin to re-wire your thoughts to a more abundant mindset using neurological strategies to ensure life long financial freedom.

Week 2

Rewriting Your Money Story

  • Take control of the those thoughts that have negativity impact your financial bottom line.
  • Identify and eliminate ALL of your limiting money beliefs that are restricting your financial flow
  • ​Learn neuroscience techniques to eradicate these beliefs so that money will begin to flow easily and effortlessly into your life.

Week 3

 Meet Money, Your New Bestie 

  • Uncover your bad money habits and create a healthy relationship with money so you can experience financial success.
  •   Learn how to break through your financial set point.
  • ​Follow a habit builder formula and focus on creating the RIGHT habits to start the flow of money.

Week 4

Getting in the Flow of Money

  • Where focus goes energy flows.  Boost your money making energy to maximize results by becoming an energetic match for what you desire.
  • ​Learn how to consistently attract money to you with the new tools you will be given.  
  • Become open to listening to your intuition  and create the expectation of financial abundance is yours.

Week 5

Owning Your Value

  • Know how to prioritize your time and efforts to get the highest return .
  • Own your value by understanding time for money trade. Become confident in asking  for what you're worth.
  • ​ Discover your money making super power and become a financial go-getter

Week 6

The Home Stretch

  •  Recognize when your drifting off course and know how to redirect yourself to get back on your financial abundance path.
  • ​Learn long term strategies with a repeatable system to make money easily and effortlessly.
  • Develop weekly, monthly and yearly skills to ramp up your money flow for long term financial success and abundance.

Live Q&A

Ask Heather Marié your burning money questions in a live Q&A within the Roadmap to Riches Facebook Group. 

Get coaching around the most frequently asked questions. Don't worry if you can't make it, all sessions will be available for replay via our Facebook group.

But thats not all!

 Some EXTRA Bonuses

Keep In The Flow Of Money

Wallace Watles 

 I'm sharing one of the best foundational books on the science of getting rich. With over 2,000 5 star reviews on Amazon which use words such as "transformational", 'life-changing", and "formula for successful living" it's a must have for anyone who wants to find financial freedom.

Triple M Society

Membership Area To Help Keep You On Course
Stay in the flow after the course with within the Triple M Society with an all access pass to the resource library that is full of articles, worksheets and videos to help you strengthen your weakest money link. As well have access to Monthly coaching call where you can continue to get support.

Imagine What Your Dream Life Looks Like...

 Picture Having The Financial Freedom To Live Your Dream Life -.
Enjoy a first class life to where you travel where you want, live where you want do what you want
Be free of money worries, have more time do the things you love
Feel Confident With All Things Money. Know How To Make Money Work For You.
 Take Vacations To Your Dream Destinations 
Smile as you deposit another check into your bank account as you watch your balance grow.
Kids education, paid! 

Road to Riches Masterclass

UncoverThe Secrets Of Those Who Are Financial Free 

Open The Door To Building Wealth 

#1.Take The Mystery Out Of Money & Learn How To Get It, Keep It & Make It Work For You To Create The Abundant Life You Want. 

#2  Develop A Healthy Relationship With Money And Feel Confident, Powerful & Capable To Make Decisions In Your Life By Transforming Your Money Mindset. 

#3. ​Rewrite Your 'Money Story' And Blast Through Money Blocks That Keep You From The Wealth You Deserve.

#4. Learn How to To Take Control Of Your Finances To Maximize Your Profits & Manage Your Cash And Watch Your Bank Account Grow!

All With A Systematic & Easy To Repeat Process To Changing Your Financial Landscape.

Waiting And Wishing Is NOT A Strategy...
Taking Action is

How Many Times Have You Said Or Believed

I'll never have the money I want, I'm just not good with it.

I’ll never be able to earn the kind of money I dream of, so why bother even trying?

I don’t have what it takes to earn a really good living. 

I’ll never be able to earn __________ a year.

I'm too old to change my ways, I'm just meant to suffer.

It's Time To Change That!

Create The Life You Desire And Become Financially Free!

A Recap Of Everything You Will Be Getting In This ONE Time 

Special Offer Road To Riches Course Bundle

  • Six Week Road to Riches Intensive Master Class systematically structured to ensure that you have the greatest success ($12,500 Value)
  • ​Worksheets, tools and techniques that will help you arrive at your final destination ($97 Value)
  • ​Six live Q&A calls on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday @11am, where the most frequently asked questions will be answered  ($2000 Value)
  • Twelve  Month Subscription To The Triple M Society Membership where you will have unlimited access to a library full of videos, articles and monthly motivational challenges to ensure a life-time of abundant wealth ($600 Value)
  • ​Free Transformational Book "The Science Of Getting Rich"  ($27 Value)

 Total Value: $15,224

For Only For $997

We so want you to start living your dream life today that we also offer payment plans!

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